About Us

Align Chiropractic is Gulf Coasts’ premiere chiropractic office. Aligns’ welcoming, compassionate staff provides patient care second to none. Offering the newest and most innovative medical chiropractic equipment achieving healing and pain relief holistically. Our eclectic approach to patient care with treatments tailored to each patient provides outstanding outcomes that surpass those of standard, traditional chiropractic treatments.

Align stands out amongst its peers in how the doctor integrates multiple photo-therapy low level FDA cleared laser therapies in conjunction with their advanced function custom built adjustment tables. Its features, including spinal decompression for cervical and lumbar, flexion distraction option, and more makes them extremely adaptive for patients of all ages and conditions.

Each patient is provided with a complimentary bottle of our own, freshly made HydrOxy infused water for in office consumption. The vast and extensive health benefits have been scientifically researched and proven. The healing properties of our HydrOxy water propels the healing process from within and tastes fantastic!

For those who want to continue benefiting from our water or just love the taste we sell bottles for fresh daily consumption or mylar bags to stash for the week and keep the hydrogen from evaporating.